Wa mek dem a wies moni, Mis?

Aks eni praimeri skuul pikni ina Jamieka – bwoi ar gorl – fi ansa di kweschan dem pon di egzam piepa wa di Praim Minista set fi di komishana dem.  Di fos ting di pikni uda se a dis: “Dem doan nuo di ansa dem, Mis?  Ii, Mis?  Wa mek dem a wies moni fi aks dem de kweschan?  Dem no kuda tek di moni fiks op som a di skuul dem? Mis, mek mii tel dem!

Yu si, Dudus, Mis.  Im a wan big, big dan ina di Praim Minista kanstichuensi.  Yes, Mis.  Big, big, big!  An im av nof moni.  Mi no nuo we im get di moni fram, Mis.  Bot iz nof, nof, nof, nof moni.  An, Mis, im gi out plenti moni tu di piipl dem ina di kanstichuensi.  Muor dan di Praim Minista.  Yes, Mis, wan a mi fren mada get huol hiip a moni fran im.

Obama sen fi Dudus

.Tingz a gwaan gud yu nuo, Mis.  So til wan die, Obama sen mechiz tu govament se im waan Dudus kom a Merika fi taak tu im.   Im waan nuo we Dudus get di huol hiip a moni.  If a sel im a sel jogs an gon. An fi wi govament gi Dudus di mechiz.

Dudus ina Merika

Mis, Dudus se im naa go.  Obama tuu faas!  We im waan nuo im bizniz fa?  Dudus taak tu im MP.  Yes, Mis.  Entaim yu ina chrobl, Mis, yu ha fi go taak tu yu MP.  Yu MP mos an boun fi elp yu. Yu vuot fi im.  An im ha fi luk aafta yu.  Ar yu naa vuot fi im agen.  An yu naa gi im no moni fi ron ilekshan.  Wa yu se, Mis?  Yes, Mis, somtaim di MP iz a uman.  Laik Sista P.

Dudus taak tu im MP.  Dat a Bruce Golding, Mis, di Praim Minista. An Bruce an dem oda wan ina di Jamieka Lieba Paati mek up dem main se dem naa sen Dudus go gi Obama.  Dem get wan big-taim laaya, Misa Brady, fi taak to som ada big-taim laaya ina Merika – dem niem Manatt, Phelps an Phillips – fi fain out ou dem fi priti it op an tel Obama, gwe!

Peter Phillips bos di stuori

An, Mis, a so it a gwaan.  Peter Phillips im, dem se im a CIA, Mis, a im bos di stuori bout Manatt ina paaliment.  Yes, Mis.  An di Praim Minista se notn no go so.  Peter Phillips neva res so til di Praim Minista ha fi admit se a im did tel Misa Brady fi taak tu Manatt. Bot, Mis, im se im did tel im fi tel Manatt se a di JLP dem a wok fa, no di govament.

Peter Phillips

Huol hiip a piipl staat baal out se di Praim Minista tuu lai.  Im fi rizain.  Im go pan TV an im baal di livin ai waata an se im sari.  An som a di piipl dem sari fi im, Mis, an gi im a chaans.  An im neva rizain.  Im wiil an kom agen.

Likl, likl oda tingz staat kom out we mek it luk laik se di Praim Minista neva tel di huol a di chruut wen im did a baal pan TV.  A no di Praim Minista wan, Mis.  Plenti a di hai ops ina govament, dem miks op ina di miks-op an blenda.  It luk bad ii, Mis!

Bruce Golding a kansida

So a it mek di Praim Minista set up fi im ‘Commission of Enquiry.’    Mis, di komishana dem kyan fuors di Praim Minista fi taak di chruut?  Wa mek im no jos taak di chruut an don?”


3 thoughts on “Wa mek dem a wies moni, Mis?

  1. A siem ting likl pikni uda se yes! 🙂 Dem brait yu si? Evri likl ting dem ier dem kech aan pan—no ramp wid pikni! Iz a piti puo piipl pikni afi fiil laik dem dons wen dem gaa skuul, jos chuu dem kyaa put evriting we dem nuo ina ingglish siem taim.

    Govament tek piipl fi iidyat…an mi no nuo wa mek di difrant aaganizieshan dem tap baal fi Bruce rizain. Apalaji ar nuo apalaji, we im du an di uol mixop shudn wehn gwaan an im shuda tep dong fran im puos lang taim.

    A bier slaknis im a fuos jomiekan piipl fi kip op wid. Nou wi a wies moni an taim a set op komishan, kaa kil im ded, im neva du notn rang. kmt

  2. I think this is refreshing to read. As a teacher I listen to so many different ‘styles’ of the dialect and see it as a beauty to get messages across to students that are demmed ‘limited’ for want of a better word.

    Things like these should be widely available for student use so they would get a chance at reading / spelling how they speak. This would aid the translation and transliteration to standard English and broaden horizons for the scope of drama.

    Good work Miss.

  3. Professor Cooper I enjoy every article that you write.As a young teen ,I often think about our language and the so called”time and place for it”.I think that at some point during our primary or secondary level of education our language should be taught.Keep up the good work and continue to motivate males to achieve more in society

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