Killing Children With Work

Enforced economic activity that exposes children to risk and keeps them out of school is criminal. Most times, the perpetrators of abuse are the parents of the children, usually the mother.

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In an age in which intellectual property does have real value, it’s not flattering to have your creative ideas stolen. You can’t just let people monkey around with your intangible assets.

VMBS Puts a Lien on Love/ VMBS a tai op maagij an marij

One of the original meanings of conversation is the action of living together. In 16th century English, conversation meant sexual intimacy. So I speculate that this is the origin of our Jamaican expression, the gentleman I am talking to./ Iina di 16th senchri, ‘conversation’ did mean seksin. So mi figa se a de so wi get fi wi Jamieka taak bout di jenklman mi a taak tu.

T&T Lit Fest Puts us to Shame

The BOCAS lit fest, founded and directed by the formidable Marina Salandy-Brown, has opened its mouth and made a lot of creative noise. Let's hope the Jamaican private sector is listening.

Even God Speaks ‘Patwa’

Even God speaks ‘Patwa’. And ordinary mortals feel they are too good to read the Bible in ‘Patwa.’ What a thing if and when they get to heaven! I guess they will ask for a transfer to hell if God should dare welcome them in this way: ‘Kom iin, kom iin! Mi glad fi si unu!’

Her Honour’s Better Judgement

On matters of the law, Her Honour's judgement proved impeccable. All the same, her failings on matters of language and dress remain a troubling issue. But her judgemental posture is not unique. It appears to be the norm in Jamaica’s elitist legal system.

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