Driva hits new low

Las May’s cartoon in today’s Gleaner turns the Prime Minister into a raving lunatic.  With murderous intent, the ‘Driva’ deliberately sets out to knock down Samuda and Lightbourne.  This cartoon is even worse than the one in which the PM kicks Miss Dor out of his cabinet.   At least she has a chance of surviving the boot to the butt.  Hit at close range, the duo are dead meat.

Considering the everyday carnage on Jamaica’s roads, it’s really not funny that Las May would portray the Prime Minister as a demented driver.  Fun is fun and joke is joke.  But this cart00n is no joke.  It’s obscene.  How can you turn road rage into a laughing matter?

Garfield Grandison, editor-in-chief

The real problem isn’t Las May’s twisted sense of humour.  It’s the judgment of the Gleaner editors.  Surely, Mr. Garfield Grandison, the man at the top,  must take responsibility for what passes as ‘humour’ in the editorial cartoon!  If  he doesn’t, he’s no saner than Las May’s ‘Driva’.


6 thoughts on “Driva hits new low

  1. Las May’s depiction is surmising that advertently the ‘Driva’ is destroying the careers of two of his former staunch advocates and sympathisers. In time they will be like carrions on the ground waiting in a moribund state for the crows to devour their flesh. I honestly dont think the ‘Driver’ is driving that well, although he is a self-proclaimed good driver. He has caused too much death and heartache in the careers of dynamic and ambitious Jamaican citizens from both side of the political divide and the diaspora.
    We must cease his reign by exercising our fanchise in the next General Elections in 2012 and give it to someone else, who has the propensity and the capacity plus the character to ward-off hard times and bring back the country to some semblance of hope and prosperity with the job in question. But from my perspective, my personal perspective, the JLPNP has no distinction and one cannot distinguish a moran from an imbicile. I am confused as to who should rule this country. A marginal economic growth projection of 1.5 percent is been celebrated by a party without the requisite credentials to market our country and create sustainable growth and development. I rest my case.

  2. Are political cartoons supposed to be “funny”, though? I’ve heard the stock response “Mi nah laff”. But were you supposed to? Perhaps the sense of outrage is what’s intended to be provoked here?

  3. Huh? Um, that’s quite an interesting way of interpreting it and tying it to road fatalities – you sure you are in the right field? Academia doesn’t seem to be quite the niche for that “politician-like spin” on an otherwise trivial topic. I just don’t see how you can come to such a conclusion.

    And I am not accusing you of politically-inspired motives but I am merely pointing out how remarkable the subtle varying differences are with human beings. One sees it as what you saw it as and another may see it quite differently – it adds to the fun, keep humouring us in your very different way and Las May will us in his!

    P.S. I’m not being sarcastic (I love sarcasm), I just have to point that out because Jamaicans seem to have lost touch with the subtleties of the language that makes it so interesting and as a result I have to speak/write in such a was as to not allow room for misinterpretations.

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