Back Pay For Slavery

Slaveholders were legally entitled to the services of their slaves and therefore had a right to ‘reasonable Compensation’ for loss of service. The enslaved had no such rights or entitlements.

High-Science Spirit Travel

Flying with Spirit Airlines requires a rather firm grasp of science.  You need to know both basic science as well as the higher science of mystical communication.  First of all, you have to be very good at maths.  But with Spirit, you don’t really have to bother with subtraction and division; it’s all about addition... Continue Reading →

Flying on the ‘Duppy’ Airline

Air Jamaica appears to have been sold off as an unattractive, pauperised bride. And her father - not 'Butch' Stewart, but all of us taxpayers - have had to fork over a rather high dowry to Caribbean Airlines for the privilege of taking her off our hands.

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