Racist Is As Racist Does

Racists in Jamaica come in at least two varieties: upfront and down-low. Under pressure, down-low racists have a way of morphing into upfront racists. They just can't keep up the act. It's a lot of work to maintain the illusion that we're really 'out of many, one people'.

Dying To Be Beautiful?

Our national motto is clearly delusional. Fabricated by the brown/white elite half a century ago, the motto symbolises the arrogance of those who consider themselves entitled to rule.

Voting In English

When the Chairman of the Electoral Commission asserts that English is the official language and election day an official event, he is actually affirming the absolute authority of English as the sole language of official communication. He does not allow any space for the official use of 'dialect'. The mother tongue of the vast majority of Jamaicans has no place in the public sphere.

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