In Praise of Morris Cargill

Oddly enough, many of the same people Cargill so consistently used to mock put him up on a very high pedestal because of his command of the English language. It didn’t matter that he was commanding the language to attack them.

‘Corruption of Language is No Cultural Heritage’

Unlike Aunty Roachy and Dr. Thompson, Morris Cargill had no respect for the Jamaican language. He dismissed those of us who, as he put it, “would like to see Patois retained as part of our cultural heritage, and believe that it can occupy that honourable place alongside the teaching of standard English”.

A Letter From Adidja Palmer

On air, I did express doubts about Kartel's guilt, based purely on my assessment of the DJ's intelligence: Vybz Kartel couldn't be foolish enough to think that Adidja Palmer could get away with murder!

Perkins, Seaga and the Mongrel: Last Part

One of the issues that we are not really touching on at all, because I think it is central to the thing, is the whole question of the way in which blackness is perceived in Jamaican society. Because you get a paradox, see mi paradox here now, that racial purity, in the dictionary definition of mongrel is seen as something positive by white people. When dem mix up with other people is problem for dem.

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