African Explorers Came Before Columbus

I discovered the Olmec civilisation in a book by the Guyanese linguist and anthropologist, Ivan Van Sertima, published in 1976. The title makes a startling claim: They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America.

Happy Birthday All The Same, Buju!

A decade ago, when ‘Til Shiloh was released, Buju’s bondage was metaphorical. Today, it’s all too literal. Having foolishly exposed his weakness – running up his mouth with a stranger – Mark Myrie is paying a terrible penalty. He’s facing the prospect of incarceration for fifteen years.

Erna Brodber’s short story collection published

Erna Brodber is a Jamaican sociologist and novelist. She is the author of Jane and Louisa Will Soon Come Home (1980), Myal (1988) and Louisiana (1994). Well known for her emphasis on non-Western ways of helping Africans of the diaspora understand themselves, she has taught at the University of the West Indies as well as at several universities across North America and in the UK. She has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Commonwealth Writers Prize for Canada and the Caribbean. The World is a High Hill is her first collection of short stories.

Jews and Plantation Slavery in the Caribbean

The role of Jews in plantation slavery is not documented at all. This silence is troubling especially since so many students visit the Museum of Jamaican Jewish History each year. They end up getting a rather distorted account of Jamaican, not just Jewish, history.

Rastafari Reclaim Jewish Roots

Grounded in the Bible, much of Rastafari symbolism is rooted in Judaism. Though Rastafari themselves reject ‘ism and schism’, their philosophy and livity owe much to the ‘ism’ of the Jews.

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