Peter Tosh Pulse Interview

I’ve had several requests for this interview which I did with Peter Tosh after his last concert.  It was a magnificent performance  at Pulse Superjam in December 1983.


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  1. I just saw one of your most brilliant pieces of writing. It is comparable to the interview with Bob Marley by Neville Willoughby. There is no second to this, there is no third and you will have to search fervently and fiercely to find an interview fitting fourth place. Kiddos long overview for this remarkable work of art. We could have easily dismissed the thought that Peter Tosh was not an academic as Robert Mugabe was insinuating about our me that the only singsongs and hoist themselves on high wall smoking spiff and dismisses academia. Peter Tosh is an inspirational Jamaican a many a man inspire people in past moments, present moments and posterity.
    Public pressure from Babylon shitstem has crushed iconic characters like these and made the seen by the public enemy # 1. As a youngster in the 1970s I saw many stories on the air of police officers brutalizing Peter Tosh bursting his head with batons time after time and denounce his belief in his creator. Most times he was accused of cursing bad words he was often beaten savagely and mercilessly then jailed but he always did it again. As a young man in my late teens I could not fathom why he was so consistently rebellious. I thought he was as Jamaicans would say ‘chupid’.
    This man is no LA Lewis he is a genuine Jamaican of the most upfull characteristics a sharp intellect who could have been anything he wanted to do if he has pursued such path. There is no contemporary artiste with the unique credentials as this stalwart of the music industry not even the great Bob Marley. This interview has opened my eyes and gave me an incisive view of the man and his mission. I have listened to many interview back in the 1970s with both men and found them quite interesting. Yet I always felt Peter was a trouble make from my young uninformed analyses. The power in the music is best demonstrated in ‘Buckingham Palace’ in that folksong. It was on everybody’ lips when it was released. The other song that comes to my mind which inspired me was when I was in my early teens was ‘Legalize It’.
    You showed that you were an honest man who loved his brother man and believed in justice to all mankind. People like these are rare composites in this our modern world. Long live Peter Tosh and his Heaven bound throng.

  2. Especially enjoyed the interview. Thanks for sharing a tidbit from the past that is still so meaningful now plus tell some of what was happening shortly after independence. He was clear to say the music always there and brought in from long ago. A very remarkable person indeed and you were face to face with a monument!

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