A Tale of the Magical Calabash

The twelfth staging of the Calabash International Literary Festival, a month ago, was dubbed 'globalicious' by Kwame Dawes, the programmer for the event. And it certainly was both global and delicious. The calabash was full to the brim and running over with both literary and musical delicacies

Gomes No Gone No Weh

Gomes go because shi bex wid dem odder one inna Jamaicans for Justice. Dem mek mistake go seh dem sorry seh bandooloo sex education get weh pon di poor pikni dem./ Gomes went because she was vexed with the other members of the board of Jamaicans for Justice. They made the mistake of apologising for the unapproved sex education programme that the children were exposed to.


My computer had a stroke a few months ago and I've been in denial.  I've finally accepted the fact that my old iMac will never be the same again. Its hard drive has become very, very soft.  So I bought a new computer and I'm back in business.  I hope you enjoyed my first post... Continue Reading →

Dutty Tribal Politics

The JLP equivalent of 'dutty Labourite' is 'classist PNP'. Unfortunately, in the tracing match of tribal politics, 'classist' just doesn't have the sting of 'dutty'.

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