Why There’s No Ebola Vaccine

I suppose it didn't make good economic sense then to try to develop a vaccine for Ebola. The market was small and the people who needed it were poor and expendable. Now, the virus has reappeared and it isn't staying put in West Africa.

Malcolm Gladwell An Chik-V

If it tek chik-V fi force wi fi see seh wi can't gwaan so careless bout evriting inna Jamaica, dat a fi wi 'Tipping Point' fi true. If it tek chik-V fi fuors wi fi si se wi kyaahn gwaahn so kielis bout evriting ina Jamieka, dat a fi wi 'Tipping Point' fi chruu. If it takes chik-V to force us to see that we can't continue to be so irresponsible about everything that matters in Jamaica, that truly is our 'Tipping Point'.

Too Little, Too Late, Sister P!

This business of trust is crucial. But how many of us actually trust our public authorities? Even diehard Comrades who have been afflicted with chik-V cannot truthfully say they trust the word of the minister of health.

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