Kemorine Miller

On National Heroes’ Day last year, my long-time friend, Kemorine Miller, gave me a card in celebration of my being awarded an honour.  In all of the excitement, I didn’t open it right away.  I was so mad with myself when I later read Kemorine’s words.  They would have been so good to share at the gathering at my home on Heroes’ Day.  So, a year later, I’m posting them here, in appreciation of Kemorine’s generosity.

“Carolyn mi chile, mi heart full.  Mi proud caan dun.  If mi nuh mine sharp, di hola mi swell up an bus.  Wat a ting wen from fi mi generation mi owna fren from high school tun lecturer, auta an big-big educata.

Mervyn Morris

Mervyn Morris

Edward Baugh

Edward Baugh

Gal, mi glad seh yuh did teck een all weh Mas Eddie an Mas Mervyn did a teach yuh up a Uwee so now yuh coulda tun profesa like dem an now yuh get honours like dem.  Wat a sinting mi live fi si!

Chile, wa mi really glad fa is dat a nuh mi one si all weh yuh a duh ina education.  Dis ya National Hona tideh is di crowning glory.  Mas George an Mama Modesta bright yeye pickney, mi prouda yuh.  Nuff, nuff respect.”

Kemorine mi dear, nuff, nuff thanks!



  1. Mi agree wid Kemorine. Mi proud a yuh, mi chile! Mi tell everybaddy seh mi know yuh from childhood. Jus gwaan be yuhself.

  2. I would have written you something similar to that, but i don’t know you that well because I too appreciate the tremendous impact you have had on our society. Kemorine has the will to give you full heart gratitude for your contribution to nation building. I must tell you in your living years, if it is not too late, that what you have done for our language is just heartwarming. We salute you from endless zest to see our language recognised worldwide from all persons on the planet. Keep up the good work persons might not say anything but they do appreciate your works for the betterment of our society.

  3. It was so heartfelt to read. You have touched many who have not had the pleasure to know you lifelong as Kemorine has! I’ve learned so much from you Dr. Cooper about the culture, language, history of your beautiful island country I wish to say is home too. You are an internat’l hero(ine) of mine -embracing of all cultures and backgrounds who seek to be enlightened with truth. God bless you!

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