Jamaican Art Disappears In Cuba

The fate of Ebony's artwork made me think about the value and cost of art in societies like ours where people are literally dying of hunger. How do we justify the seeming excess that is art? Does public art, for example, make the life of the poor more bearable? Or is it a luxury we simply cannot afford?

The High Cost Of Development

Soon, Cayman will be almost completely overrun by foreigners. They will be the primary beneficiaries of development. For Caymanians, the price of 'development' will be loss. Loss of land, loss of social place, loss of identity.

Old Man No Fi Grudge Young Boy

Some a dem outa order old man better mind dem owna business an stop tell people how fi live dem life. Som a dem outa aada uol man beta main dem uona bizniz an stap tel piipl ou fi liv dem laif. Some of those officious old men should mind their own business and stop telling other people how to live and love.

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