Human zoo in Hope Pastures

Believe it or not, there's a real-life human zoo right here in Kingston. It's definitely not a work of art. And the exhibits in this human zoo are not victims of a racist artist projecting stereotypes. These humans have deliberately imprisoned themselves in the zoo.

That Cowardly Leggo-Beast Apology

Instead of avoiding controversy, Ronnie Thwaites should have courageously taken the opportunity to reflect on the function of our local language in public conversations about the educational system; and its use in schools! He knows the power of the language.

Patwa: Bridge or Barrier?

I really don't like that generic term 'patois'. I prefer 'Jamaican', which specifically confirms the link between language and national identity. Language is, indeed, a powerful expression of cultural authenticity.

Getting ‘Bun’ In the Chinese Grocery

The newly arrived Chinese were supposed to be permanently at war with black people. But what shortsighted cynics like Gloster did not anticipate is the fact that some barriers can be easily overturned, given the right motivation. The sex drive is a powerful social leveller.

Patwa Gold Chain Inna Fashion Show

Wi cyaan chain up fi wi language. It change up wen it go a foreign. Same like reggae music. Wi kyaahn chien op fi wi langgwij. It chienj op wen it go a farin. Siem laik rege myuuzik. We can't chain our language. It changes when it goes abroad. Just like reggae music.

Sound Clash In Uptown Ghetto

I must admit I do have some sympathy for Jodi Stewart-Henriques. She’s suffering from townhouse syndrome. It’s a condition brought on by living so close to your neighbours that every little sound starts to get louder and louder. It gradually gets on your nerves. Eventually, even the flush of a toilet enrages you. Let alone loud music and dirt bikes. And you end up making unfortunate statements on social media about who should go back to where they came from.

Celebrity Wedding At UWI Chapel

Nobody, even with an MBA, could run their business better than Nardo and Erica. In fact, students doing courses in entrepreneurship in the Faculty of Social Sciences have regularly interviewed Nardo about his business model.

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