Di ancestor dem a bawl

African people teach wi seh, yu no dead, dead, dead so till nobody no member yu. An wi naah stop member fi wi warrior dem. Man an woman! Afrikan piipl tiich wi se, yu no ded, ded, ded so til nobadi no memba yu. An wi naa stap memba fi wi wariya dem. Man an uman! African wisdom teaches us that you never truly die until no one remembers you. And we will always remember our warriors. Men and women!

Captain Boycott Loses War Against Poor People

Parnell recommended that when tenants took farms from which others had been evicted, the newcomers should be isolated. No violence; just leave them severely alone. Parnell’s tactic was first used against Captain Boycott. Workers went on strike. Local suppliers of goods and services declined to do business with Boycott. Even the postman stopped delivering mail.

Time To Boycott Britain!

Historians and economists have amassed the evidence. Britain's industrial revolution was fuelled by the blood money of plantation slavery in the Caribbean. Bristol, Liverpool and London all flourished on human trafficking. So there's no need for any more talk about the right to reparations! It's time for action.

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