Dem fi lef Andrew house alone

Then a who tell Peter Phillips seh wi can trust Sister P becau she no build no house wid no big wall? Den a uu tel Peter Phillips se wi kyan chros Sista P bikaa shi no bil no ous wid no big waal? Then why is Peter Phillips so sure we can trust Sister P because she hasn't built a house with huge fence walls?

Culture clash at Bath Fountain

There was a time when Bath Fountain was a major international attraction. It still gets a fair number of foreign visitors, but not on the scale that it should. The people of St Thomas could be bathing in money if this natural resource could be developed to its full potential.

Dr Ferguson’s premature ejaculation

Dr Ferguson has now set off another firestorm with his incomprehensible ejaculation that premature babies are "not babies in the real sense". I use the word ejaculation here to mean something said hastily without any thought. Not the act of discharging semen.

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