A Murder Dem Did Murder Walter Rodney

Di Govament a Guyana never like how Rodney did a stir up di people dem. African an Indian! A it mek dem murder im./ Di Govament a Guyana neva laik ou Rodney did a stor op di piipl dem. Afrikan an Indiyan! A it mek dem morda im./ The Government of Guyana did not like how Rodney was stirring up people. Africans and Indians! That's why they murdered him.

Yvonne Skeffrey – a Jamaican At home In the Bahamas

The imperial history of The UCWI did not impede the growth of both national and regional consciousness. As students sat in classes with their counterparts from all over the Creole-Anglophone Caribbean, they learned that they shared a common identity. They were citizens of the wider Caribbean, not just their country of birth.

Time Fi Fire Missis Queen

Look from when wi claims seh wi ‘independent’ an Missis Queen still a rule wi!/ Luk fram wen wi kliems se wi ‘independent’ an Misiz Kwiin stil a ruul wi!/ Look how long we've been claiming that we're ‘independent’ and the Queen of England is still ruling us!

Cornell Takes a Leaf Out Of UWI’s Book

It is decidedly ironic that even well-intentioned academics who engage in the radical process of decolonisation can appear to be perpetrators of cultural imperialism. Putting the US at the centre of a movement for transformation in the West and marginalising institutions like The University of the West Indies!

Junjo Inna Di Judge Dem Wig?

First ting: no judge an no lawyer nah wear no wig inna dem ya time wen dem go a court inna Jamaica. Dat done. Fos ting: no joj an no laaya naa wier no wig ina dem ya taim wen dem go a kuort ina Jamieka. Dat don. First of all: no judge or lawyer wears a wig these days in Jamaican courts. That’s a thing of the past.

Hair Policy Infested With Racism

As we celebrate Emancipation and Independence, we must honour our African heritage: language, aesthetics, spirituality, food and so much more. Otherwise, all the high-sounding talk of freedom is pure vanity.

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