Yvonne Skeffrey – a Jamaican At home In the Bahamas

The imperial history of The UCWI did not impede the growth of both national and regional consciousness. As students sat in classes with their counterparts from all over the Creole-Anglophone Caribbean, they learned that they shared a common identity. They were citizens of the wider Caribbean, not just their country of birth.

Eulogy For Dr. Shirley McLean

A year ago, my friend Shirley McLean died at the age of 91. This is my tribute to her. The original Shirley McLean!  That’s how Dr. Shirley Richards McLean mischievously loved to describe herself.  And, as you will clearly see in this glamorous cover girl pose, Shirley’s film star namesake had nothing over her.  The... Continue Reading →

Cornell Takes a Leaf Out Of UWI’s Book

It is decidedly ironic that even well-intentioned academics who engage in the radical process of decolonisation can appear to be perpetrators of cultural imperialism. Putting the US at the centre of a movement for transformation in the West and marginalising institutions like The University of the West Indies!

Ruel Reid Better Tek Up Police Work

Inna Augustown, Miller still a write down di vision. An im sight di way Babylon system inna Jamaica fight down black people culture.
Ina Augustown, Miller stil a rait dong di vishan. An im sait di wie Babilan sistim ina Jamieka fait dong blak piipl kolcha.
In Augustown, Miller is still writing down the vision. And he 'sights' the way Babylon system in Jamaica fights down black people's culture.

Phillips Sweetens “Bitter Medicine”

I believe that for important national matters like the Budget debates, translators should be employed to turn technical English into accessible Jamaican Creole. All our talk of democracy is pointless if we continue to exclude the majority of Jamaicans from public discourse.

Too Little, Too Late, Sister P!

This business of trust is crucial. But how many of us actually trust our public authorities? Even diehard Comrades who have been afflicted with chik-V cannot truthfully say they trust the word of the minister of health.

Big Tingz A Gwaan Pon NewsTalk93FM

Same like how English capture nuff word from Latin an Greek, dem can dis tek over di word dem from English! Mi tink it plenty better fi try find sinting inna Jamaican fi carry over weh yu waan fi seh from English

Siem laik ou Inglish kyapcha nof wod fram Latin an Griik, dem kyan dis tek uova di wod dem fram Inglish! Mi tink it plenti beta fi chrai fain sinting ina Jamiekan fi kyari uova we yu waan fi se fram Inglish.

I suppose the translators could simply take over English words in exactly the same way that the English language captured lots of words from Latin an Greek! I think it's much better to try to find a Jamaican equivalent for the English expression.

Funny Degrees No Joke

If we don't clean up the tertiary education sector, the quality of all degrees across the board will be compromised. It won't be just the fly-by-night operators that will have to close shop. All universities will be in trouble if Jamaica becomes known as a market for bogus degrees.

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