Gleaner Fi Talk Plain an Simple Bout di PM

A full time Govament stop form fool an tek fi wi language serious inna school./A ful taim Govament stap faam fuul an tek fi wi langgwij siiryos ina skuul./It’s high time for the Government to stop forming the fool and start taking our language seriously in the school system.

Yvonne Skeffrey – a Jamaican At home In the Bahamas

The imperial history of The UCWI did not impede the growth of both national and regional consciousness. As students sat in classes with their counterparts from all over the Creole-Anglophone Caribbean, they learned that they shared a common identity. They were citizens of the wider Caribbean, not just their country of birth.

Eulogy For Dr. Shirley McLean

A year ago, my friend Shirley McLean died at the age of 91. This is my tribute to her. The original Shirley McLean!  That’s how Dr. Shirley Richards McLean mischievously loved to describe herself.  And, as you will clearly see in this glamorous cover girl pose, Shirley’s film star namesake had nothing over her.  The... Continue Reading →

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