Holness a Sell Off Jamaica Birthright

Jamaica suppose fi be di land a wood an water. Dis ya govament a turn wi country inna dry river bottom./ Jamieka supuoz fi bi di lan a wud an waata. Dis ya govament a ton wi konchru ina jrai riva batam./ Jamaica is supposed to be the land of wood and water. This goverment is turning our country into a dry river bed.


Holness might as well shut down NEPA. It nuh look like seh im tek dem serious. Holness mait az wel shet dong NEPA. It no luk laik se im tek dem siiryos. Holness might as well shut down NEPA. He doesn’t seem to be taking the agency seriously.

Time to ban Styrofoam containers

The Palisadoes cleanup was organised by the Japan International Corporate Agency (JICA), in partnership with the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) and the 'Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica' campaign. Cleverly billed as 'Garbie Walkie', the cleanup combined exercise and public service. We had a lot of fun.

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