Night Work For Women

In these enlightened times, women ought to be free to choose when they work. But there's definitely a downside to freeing up women for night work. It's not all about emancipation. In fact, night work seems to be just another form of exploitation of cheap labour.

Every Hoe Have Dem Stick A Bush

A no no problem fi me if di stick an di hoe dem join up ascorden to fi dem preference. Mi no business. A fi dem business. Di big problem a when di stick an di hoe hitch on pon one anodder an dem no match. / A no no prablem fi mi if di stik an di uo dem jain op azkaadn tu fi dem prefrans. Mi no bizniz. A fi dem bizniz. Di big prablem a wen di stik an di uo ich aan pan wan anada an dem no mach. / It’s not a problem for me if sticks and hoes connect however they choose. That’s not my business. It’s theirs. The big problem is if the sticks and hoes get stuck and they're not compatible.

‘Straight’ Spouses At Risk

It is precisely this hanging on to irrelevant biblical codes of conduct that makes us so unwillingly to accept the fact that the human rights of all homosexuals in Jamaica ought to be protected under the law. Not only those whose class privilege usually gives them immunity.

Erna Brodber’s short story collection published

Erna Brodber is a Jamaican sociologist and novelist. She is the author of Jane and Louisa Will Soon Come Home (1980), Myal (1988) and Louisiana (1994). Well known for her emphasis on non-Western ways of helping Africans of the diaspora understand themselves, she has taught at the University of the West Indies as well as at several universities across North America and in the UK. She has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Commonwealth Writers Prize for Canada and the Caribbean. The World is a High Hill is her first collection of short stories.

Jamaican Men Love Oral Sex

In the dancehall sense of the word, bowing suggests deference to the woman’s pleasure, a gesture no upstanding man is prepared to admit that he makes. But, of course, women do bow as well. It’s the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Cooking Up A Storm In The ‘Intellectual Ghetto’

Last Thursday, as I watched Kevin MacDonald’s magical documentary on Bob Marley, I kept thinking of just how many talented people have emerged from Trench Town! That ghetto has certainly been a centre of intellectual ferment. If the University of the West Indies could find a way to recharge and transmit the creative energies of Trench Town in its heyday, we’d definitely be cooking.

Jobs For The Girls (And The Old Men)

Arthur Williams' disdainful reduction of adult females to mere 'girls' is pure sexism; putting women in their place as minor players in a big man's world. Nobody in the JLP is complaining about jobs for the boys. Why not? Is it because the presence of boys (or old men) in the Cabinet - whether PNP or JLP - is 'natural' and, therefore, taken for granted?

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