Jamaica a ‘Poster Child’ Fi True

Holness better mind sharp im no turn inna di ‘poster child’ fi jinalship./ Holness beta main shaap im no ton ina di ‘poster child’ fi jinalship/Holness had better be careful he doesn’t become the ‘poster child’ for trickery.

Dem Fi Pay People Fi Vote Fa Vaccine

Di people dem weh a sell vote did well an know seh dem a tek big chance wid dem life inna COVID election./ Di piipl dem we a sel vuot did wel an nuo se dem a tek big chaans wid dem laif ina KUOVID ilekshan./ The people who were selling votes certainly knew they were taking a big chance with their life in the COVID

Craven Choke Puppy Dog

The Jamaican proverb about the dog that chokes because of greed came to mind as I kept thinking about the way in which the Holness administration appears to have mismanaged the coronavirus pandemic. Let me make it absolutely clear that my use of the proverb is not intended to suggest that the leadership of the... Continue Reading →


Holness might as well shut down NEPA. It nuh look like seh im tek dem serious. Holness mait az wel shet dong NEPA. It no luk laik se im tek dem siiryos. Holness might as well shut down NEPA. He doesn’t seem to be taking the agency seriously.

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