Gleaner Fi Talk Plain an Simple Bout di PM

A full time Govament stop form fool an tek fi wi language serious inna school./A ful taim Govament stap faam fuul an tek fi wi langgwij siiryos ina skuul./It’s high time for the Government to stop forming the fool and start taking our language seriously in the school system.

Jamaica a ‘Poster Child’ Fi True

Holness better mind sharp im no turn inna di ‘poster child’ fi jinalship./ Holness beta main shaap im no ton ina di ‘poster child’ fi jinalship/Holness had better be careful he doesn’t become the ‘poster child’ for trickery.

Dem Fi Pay People Fi Vote Fa Vaccine

Di people dem weh a sell vote did well an know seh dem a tek big chance wid dem life inna COVID election./ Di piipl dem we a sel vuot did wel an nuo se dem a tek big chaans wid dem laif ina KUOVID ilekshan./ The people who were selling votes certainly knew they were taking a big chance with their life in the COVID

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