Rihanna, Bob Marley and Miss Lou

We enjoy a global reputation for militancy, inspired largely by our popular culture, especially music.  But when it comes right down to it, our politicians of both parties don’t have the courage to acknowledge the power of the culture created by the masses of the Jamaican people.

Psssst! Hi Sexy!

Men and women should be able to compliment each other courteously. We have to start with the children, teaching them how to treat each other with affection and respect.

Creating Wealth From Culture

So how are we going to turn our new UNESCO branding into cultural capital? And where is our museum of Jamaica music? It's on Water Lane, an alley in downtown Kingston. The creators of our music deserve much, much better than this.

Twenty Years Of Reggae Day

We don't seem to realise just how far Jamaican popular music has spread. We take our creativity for granted and we rarely stop to think about why so many people from such diverse cultures are attracted to the music produced on this little rock. And it's not just the beat and the lyrics that fascinate foreigners. It's also the academic value of the music.

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