A Tale of the Magical Calabash

The twelfth staging of the Calabash International Literary Festival, a month ago, was dubbed 'globalicious' by Kwame Dawes, the programmer for the event. And it certainly was both global and delicious. The calabash was full to the brim and running over with both literary and musical delicacies

‘Worl-map Fi Stop Draw Jamaica Small!’

All of us foreigners who came, willingly or not, and now call this island our own, do have a sense of ancestral homelands. This speck of Jamaica is great because our conception of ourselves is not dependent solely on our present insular location.

Erna Brodber’s short story collection published

Erna Brodber is a Jamaican sociologist and novelist. She is the author of Jane and Louisa Will Soon Come Home (1980), Myal (1988) and Louisiana (1994). Well known for her emphasis on non-Western ways of helping Africans of the diaspora understand themselves, she has taught at the University of the West Indies as well as at several universities across North America and in the UK. She has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Commonwealth Writers Prize for Canada and the Caribbean. The World is a High Hill is her first collection of short stories.

Apologies to the ‘Penis Poet’

In any case, sex is a theological issue. It’s not a trivial matter. Some theologians argue that the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden was sex. That’s why Adam and Eve realised that they were naked only after eating it. Not each other, of course.

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