Rihanna, Bob Marley and Miss Lou

We enjoy a global reputation for militancy, inspired largely by our popular culture, especially music.  But when it comes right down to it, our politicians of both parties don’t have the courage to acknowledge the power of the culture created by the masses of the Jamaican people.

British Monarchy a Royal Pain

The most disturbing revelation in the interview was Harry’s fear that history could repeat itself. His wife seemed to be destined for the same fate as his mother: alienated from the royal family and hounded to death by the relentless media.

Death By Satire In Paris

Despite the flawless French of the Kouachi brothers, they were unquestionably alienated from mainstream French culture. Though born in France, they had a fatal flaw. Their home culture was not French. Their religion was not Catholicism; it was Islam. And they were radical Islamists at that.

Why There’s No Ebola Vaccine

I suppose it didn't make good economic sense then to try to develop a vaccine for Ebola. The market was small and the people who needed it were poor and expendable. Now, the virus has reappeared and it isn't staying put in West Africa.

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