Holness a Sell Off Jamaica Birthright

Jamaica suppose fi be di land a wood an water. Dis ya govament a turn wi country inna dry river bottom./ Jamieka supuoz fi bi di lan a wud an waata. Dis ya govament a ton wi konchru ina jrai riva batam./ Jamaica is supposed to be the land of wood and water. This goverment is turning our country into a dry river bed.

No Beach For Local Tourists

We have to launch a national campaign to take back Jamaica's beaches from private operators. In the 1970s we used to say we're more than a beach, we're a country. Now, we need to claim our beaches. They should belong to all Jamaicans. Not just a few hoteliers.

Time to ban Styrofoam containers

The Palisadoes cleanup was organised by the Japan International Corporate Agency (JICA), in partnership with the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) and the 'Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica' campaign. Cleverly billed as 'Garbie Walkie', the cleanup combined exercise and public service. We had a lot of fun.

Raping Virgin Territory

I hope Prime Minister Simpson Miller and her Cabinet will find the courage to halt the ravaging of Long Mountain. It all started with another PNP administration. They need to make amends.

NEPA Selling Off Jamaica’s Future

Both NEPA and the Housing Agency of Jamaica are on a very slippery slope. They appear to be operating on the ‘principle’ that ‘wa gone bad a morning cyaan come good a evening’. But is this really so? Why can’t we stop the erosion of protected lands? Why should the water supply of Kingston be put at risk? So that fifty-eight lots can be sold to selfish people who simply must build their dream house on what is supposed to be public lands?

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