A Letter From Adidja Palmer

On air, I did express doubts about Kartel's guilt, based purely on my assessment of the DJ's intelligence: Vybz Kartel couldn't be foolish enough to think that Adidja Palmer could get away with murder!

Jobs For The Girls (And The Old Men)

Arthur Williams' disdainful reduction of adult females to mere 'girls' is pure sexism; putting women in their place as minor players in a big man's world. Nobody in the JLP is complaining about jobs for the boys. Why not? Is it because the presence of boys (or old men) in the Cabinet - whether PNP or JLP - is 'natural' and, therefore, taken for granted?

Dying To Be Beautiful?

Our national motto is clearly delusional. Fabricated by the brown/white elite half a century ago, the motto symbolises the arrogance of those who consider themselves entitled to rule.

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