Unstylish Ejection From VIP Seat

It all started with an email from our MP to the citizens' association offering tickets to a StyleWeek event last Sunday. Gifts from politicians usually come with lots of strings attached. The exchange often goes like this: I'll give you $5,000 wrapped up in a designer T-shirt and you'd better vote for me. Or else!... Continue Reading →

Culture clash at Bath Fountain

There was a time when Bath Fountain was a major international attraction. It still gets a fair number of foreign visitors, but not on the scale that it should. The people of St Thomas could be bathing in money if this natural resource could be developed to its full potential.

Signs Of The Times: #Mosquitofidead

After hearing so many chik-V horror stories, able-bodied yardies a foreign did a careful cost-benefit analysis of their holiday options. Stay in the cold, far from those nasty mosquitoes; or come to the warmth of family and friends - and risk a deadly bite. The sensible ones stayed put.

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