Time for Jamaican Language Day

I carefully pointed out differences between the grammar of English and Jamaican. At the end of one of the classes, an attentive man asked, "Why nobody never teach us like this before?" Perhaps, because the Ministry of Education is satisfied with the status quo.

Creating Wealth From Culture

So how are we going to turn our new UNESCO branding into cultural capital? And where is our museum of Jamaica music? It's on Water Lane, an alley in downtown Kingston. The creators of our music deserve much, much better than this.

Pure white dolly fi Christmas

It grieve mi wen mi find out seh Jamaica a spend one billion dollar every year pon foreign hair. It griiv mi wen mi fain out se Jamieka a spen wan bilyan dala evri ier pan farin ier. I was appalled to learn that Jamaica imports one billion dollars' worth of foreign hair every year.

Dem fi lef Andrew house alone

Then a who tell Peter Phillips seh wi can trust Sister P becau she no build no house wid no big wall? Den a uu tel Peter Phillips se wi kyan chros Sista P bikaa shi no bil no ous wid no big waal? Then why is Peter Phillips so sure we can trust Sister P because she hasn't built a house with huge fence walls?

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