Persistent Perversity On Jews and Slavery

It is true that many histories are partial – in both senses of the word: incomplete and one-sided. But some histories are more complete than others. There is a lot of historical evidence to support the claim that Jews played a major role in plantation slavery in the Caribbean.

Dudus Sings And Bruce Croaks?

The prime minister's impenetrable silence has allowed conspiracy theorists and journalists to enjoy a whole week of asking wicked questions and fabricating even more wicked answers about his sudden resignation.

Not in my kick-ass cabinet

There’s no question that Senator Lightbourne deserves to be kicked out of the cabinet. Metaphorically speaking, of course. The kick is a familiar image of dismissal. We use it all the time. So much so that it has become a cliché. Las May’s cartoon puts the punch back into the metaphor through the power of visual narrative.

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