Zooming Into a New Decade

Two Fridays ago, I celebrated my 70th birthday. Well, that’s merely my chronological age. I’d like to believe that my biological age is much, much younger. Fun and joke aside, I’ve been reflecting on some of the lessons I’ve learned over the last seventy years that are particularly relevant in these dread times.

Happy Birthday All The Same, Buju!

A decade ago, when ‘Til Shiloh was released, Buju’s bondage was metaphorical. Today, it’s all too literal. Having foolishly exposed his weakness – running up his mouth with a stranger – Mark Myrie is paying a terrible penalty. He’s facing the prospect of incarceration for fifteen years.

‘I Have Outlived My Penis’

What's good for the poet should be good for the DJ too. But 'jackass seh di world no level'. And it's true. Every 'chune' a DJ chants is interpreted as a literal statement of fact by dim-witted cynics. Unlike the poet, the DJ is not allowed to wear a mask and play roles.

Limp Men, Useless Condoms

That’s one of the big issues with the male condom. Women are often afraid to open negotiations about its use. But, surely, if a woman is prepared to open her legs, how hard can it be for her to open her mouth and ensure that she is protected against sexually transmitted diseases?

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