Craven Choke Puppy Dog

The Jamaican proverb about the dog that chokes because of greed came to mind as I kept thinking about the way in which the Holness administration appears to have mismanaged the coronavirus pandemic. Let me make it absolutely clear that my use of the proverb is not intended to suggest that the leadership of the... Continue Reading →

Yu Nuh Fi Put Goat Mouth Pon Yuself!

COVID-19 mash up mi Christmas. Nobody nah come a mi yard fi dinner dis ya year./ COVID-19 mash op mi Krismos. Nobadi naa kom a mi yaad fi dina dis ya ier./ COVID-19 has wrecked my Christmas. Nobody is coming to my home for dinner this year.

Govament a Hide up di Truth Bout di Virus?

It come een like seh dem a wait fi hear seh nuff, nuff smaddy a dead sake a di virus. An a den dem a go frighten an start tek it serious. It kom iin laik se dem a wiet fi ier se nof, nof smadi a ded siek a di vairos. An a den dem a go fraitn an staat tek it siiryos. It seems that they're waiting to hear that the virus has killed lots of people. That's when they are going to get frightened and start taking it seriously.

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