Michael ‘Freestylee’ Thompson to speak at UWI

"My designs are quite varied, depending on the poster type and whether it is political or cultural, regional or international. I tend to lend a voice to issues which I feel passionate about, such as injustice against indigenous people, environmental exploitation and poverty."

Taking Dennis Brown’s Name in Vain

I’m proposing that we celebrate the birthday of Dennis Brown and Bob Marley in February and that’s that. If we want a ‘Reggae Month’, let’s find a less hectic season. Cynics are already saying that ‘Reggae Month’ was intended to upstage ‘Black History Month’. You know how ambivalent we are about blackness in this country. Be that as it may, there are eleven other months from which to choose.

Exploiting Brand Jamaica

One of the big problems with ‘Brand Jamaica’ is that many of the people who claim the power to define the brand do not appear to know what is the essence of Jamaican identity. And if they do, they apparently do not like what they see.

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