FLOW Have Nerve A Raise Price

Garry Sinclair better tell di higher heads seh wi tired a di advantage tecking. Garry Sinclair beta tel di aiya edz se wi taiyad a di advaantij tekin. Garry Sinclair had better tell his bosses that we're tired of being exploited.

Not a word on Mother Language Day!

Instead of deceiving ourselves about the English language competency of most Jamaicans, we should face the facts. English is not being taught efficiently. That's largely because the powers that be assume that the mother language of most Jamaicans isn't actually a language. They insist that it's nothing but a 'corruption' of English. Even so, they don't seem to know how to cure the disease.

Mi No Want No Woman Look Mi!

Mi a big woman. Mi know mi mind. Mi naa follow 'Bible' go burn fire pon gay people. Mi a big uman. Mi nuo mi main. Mi naa fala 'Baibl' go bon faiya pan gie piipl. I'm an adult. I can make up my own mind. I'm not going to uncritically accept any interpretation of the Bible that claims we should call down hellfire on gay people.

Language Rights and Wrongs/ Langgwij Raits an Rangs

In Jamaica, for example, we desperately maintain the fiction that English is the mother tongue of most citizens. It is not. English is a second language that is inefficiently taught in schools and inadequately learnt by many students./ Tek Jamieka far instans. Wi a fuul op wiself an a gwaan laka se Ingglish a fi wi mada tong. Notn no go so. Ingglish a wi sekan langgwij. An dem naa tiich i gud ina skuul; an plenti a di pikini dem naa kech i gud.

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