Chanting down greedy hoteliers

Tourism is now vital to our economies across the Caribbean. But we have to find a way to balance the requirements of the tourist industry and the needs of citizens. We can't just fence in tourists and fence out locals.

‘Bring In All Rastas, Dead Or Alive!’

Issuing a death sentence, Bustamante literally turned all Rastafarians into villains. Guilty or innocent, they could no longer expect to enjoy the protection of the law. All Rastafarians were completely demonised and became victims of comprehensive state brutality. The Coral Gardens 'Incident' was a chilling episode in a long history of state violence against Rastafari.

Jews and Plantation Slavery in the Caribbean

The role of Jews in plantation slavery is not documented at all. This silence is troubling especially since so many students visit the Museum of Jamaican Jewish History each year. They end up getting a rather distorted account of Jamaican, not just Jewish, history.

Rastafari Reclaim Jewish Roots

Grounded in the Bible, much of Rastafari symbolism is rooted in Judaism. Though Rastafari themselves reject ‘ism and schism’, their philosophy and livity owe much to the ‘ism’ of the Jews.

Dawn Scott Flies Home

Traditional African wisdom tells us that when a great spirit passes the elements take notice. So we all acknowledged the torrential rain as a sign of Dawn’s extraordinary powers.

Pricks of conscience/ Conscience a bite

I’ve long come to the conclusion that regular injections of religion in early childhood provide excellent immunisation against spiritual infection in later life. Unprotected children become vulnerable adults who are easily seduced into joining all sorts of weird cults. Going to ‘church’ – whatever the religion – builds up your immune system.

If you grow up with sacred stories about good and bad angels who live in heaven and hell respectively, you’re not likely to get carried away by fictional Hollywood films about extra-terrestrial beings. Religiously inoculated adults don’t tend to see flying saucers. You’ve been saved from night visions by repeated injections of ‘ordinary’ faith.

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