A Murder Dem Did Murder Walter Rodney

Di Govament a Guyana never like how Rodney did a stir up di people dem. African an Indian! A it mek dem murder im./ Di Govament a Guyana neva laik ou Rodney did a stor op di piipl dem. Afrikan an Indiyan! A it mek dem morda im./ The Government of Guyana did not like how Rodney was stirring up people. Africans and Indians! That's why they murdered him.

Coping With Calabash Withdrawal Symptoms

In 2001, the founders of the festival – Colin Channer, Justine Henzell and Kwame Dawes – could not possibly have anticipated the grand reach of their vision. The Calabash International Literary Festival thrives on serendipity.

Yvonne Skeffrey – a Jamaican At home In the Bahamas

The imperial history of The UCWI did not impede the growth of both national and regional consciousness. As students sat in classes with their counterparts from all over the Creole-Anglophone Caribbean, they learned that they shared a common identity. They were citizens of the wider Caribbean, not just their country of birth.

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