Govament a Hide up di Truth Bout di Virus?

It come een like seh dem a wait fi hear seh nuff, nuff smaddy a dead sake a di virus. An a den dem a go frighten an start tek it serious. It kom iin laik se dem a wiet fi ier se nof, nof smadi a ded siek a di vairos. An a den dem a go fraitn an staat tek it siiryos. It seems that they're waiting to hear that the virus has killed lots of people. That's when they are going to get frightened and start taking it seriously.

Cornell Takes a Leaf Out Of UWI’s Book

It is decidedly ironic that even well-intentioned academics who engage in the radical process of decolonisation can appear to be perpetrators of cultural imperialism. Putting the US at the centre of a movement for transformation in the West and marginalising institutions like The University of the West Indies!

When Ashes Cold Dog Sleep In Deh

My Aunty Roachy seh dat Jamaica people have a whole heap a Culture an Tradition an Birthright dat han dung to dem from generation to generation. All like de great philosophy of we Jamaica proverbs-dem. Mmmm. My Aunty Roachy says that the Jamaican people have a powerful Culture and Traditions and a Birthright that have been handed down to them from generation to generation. Such as the great philosophy of our Jamaican proverbs. Mmmm.

Junjo Inna Di Judge Dem Wig?

First ting: no judge an no lawyer nah wear no wig inna dem ya time wen dem go a court inna Jamaica. Dat done. Fos ting: no joj an no laaya naa wier no wig ina dem ya taim wen dem go a kuort ina Jamieka. Dat don. First of all: no judge or lawyer wears a wig these days in Jamaican courts. That’s a thing of the past.

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