Holness a Sell Off Jamaica Birthright

Jamaica suppose fi be di land a wood an water. Dis ya govament a turn wi country inna dry river bottom. Jamieka supuoz fi bi di lan a wud an waata. Dis ya govament a ton wi konchru ina jrai riva batam. amaica is supposed to be the land of wood and water. This goverment is turning our country into a dry river bed.

Mrs Chin Breaks Records In VP’s Shop

It was not only the gender barrier that Miss Pat levelled. When she moved to New York she was taken under the wings of her much-admired Aunt Edna, “a courageous woman who had left Jamaica in her thirties to break the shop cycle.” Miss Pat alludes to the fact that shopkeeping was the destiny of many Chinese families in Jamaica.

Yu Nuh Fi Put Goat Mouth Pon Yuself!

COVID-19 mash up mi Christmas. Nobody nah come a mi yard fi dinner dis ya year COVID-19 mash op mi Krismos. Nobadi naa kom a mi yaad fi dina dis ya ier. COVID-19 has wrecked my Christmas. Nobody is coming to my home for dinner this year.

Zooming Into a New Decade

Two Fridays ago, I celebrated my 70th birthday. Well, that’s merely my chronological age. I’d like to believe that my biological age is much, much younger. Fun and joke aside, I’ve been reflecting on some of the lessons I’ve learned over the last seventy years that are particularly relevant in these dread times.


Holness might as well shut down NEPA. It nuh look like seh im tek dem serious. Holness mait az wel shet dong NEPA. It no luk laik se im tek dem siiryos. Holness might as well shut down NEPA. He doesn’t seem to be taking the agency seriously.

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