Wa Mek di Prime Minister a Bow To di Queen?

Di said same queen weh gi wi independence a rule we same way. Wa kind a independence dat?/ Di sed siem Kwiin we gi wi indipendens a ruul wi siem wie. Wa kain a indipendens dat?/ For quite a long time, both political parties have been saying that it's time for the Queen of England to no longer be Jamaica's head of state. The politicians know we're forming the fool pretending that we are truly independent. The very Queen who gave us independence is ruling us just the same. What kind of independence is that?

A Murder Dem Did Murder Walter Rodney

Di Govament a Guyana never like how Rodney did a stir up di people dem. African an Indian! A it mek dem murder im./ Di Govament a Guyana neva laik ou Rodney did a stor op di piipl dem. Afrikan an Indiyan! A it mek dem morda im./ The Government of Guyana did not like how Rodney was stirring up people. Africans and Indians! That's why they murdered him.

Coping With Calabash Withdrawal Symptoms

In 2001, the founders of the festival – Colin Channer, Justine Henzell and Kwame Dawes – could not possibly have anticipated the grand reach of their vision. The Calabash International Literary Festival thrives on serendipity.

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