Mutabaruka On the Cutting Edge @ 70

Mutabaruka proudly asserts the value of our “barefoot language.” In his many roles as poet, performing artist, philosopher, lecturer, motivational speaker, film star, fashion icon, television and radio talk show host and selecta for his BlakkMuzik sound system, Muta demonstrates the power of our heart language.

Jamaica a ‘Poster Child’ Fi True

Holness better mind sharp im no turn inna di ‘poster child’ fi jinalship./ Holness beta main shaap im no ton ina di ‘poster child’ fi jinalship/Holness had better be careful he doesn’t become the ‘poster child’ for trickery.

Rights To the City Only For Developers

Naive as it may seem, I'm proposing that developers should be required by law to supply high-quality noise cancelling headphones to all householders within earshot of noise pollution coming from construction sites in residential communities.

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